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Fire damage

Damage caused by fire can be even more serious than that caused by water. If collections survive at all, they are likely to be charred, covered with soot, brittle from exposure to high heat, wet from water used to extinguish the fire, mouldy and smelling of smoke.

Many rugs and carpets that have been damaged by soot and fire are retrievable given professional treatment. A rug or carpet that has been covered in soot from fire may not be a write-off if a specialist cleans it. Do not permit the use of ozone to remove smoky odours. It purely masks the odour and will accelerate the ageing and degradation of the textile.

Consult a professional before handling flood-damaged textiles. Beware when salvaging flood-damaged items from the flood site as they will be weaker and heavier when wet. Serious health hazards are associated with mud, mould and soot.

Fire damage   Flood damage   Insect infestation   Mould and mildew damage
Fire damage   Flood damage   Insect infestation   Mould and mildew damage