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Cleaning restores the beauty of the rug's original colours and the lustre of the wool. Regular cleaning removes the accumulated soil and grit that are major causes of reduced carpet life, and attract destructive insects such as moth and carpet beetle.

Extending the life of your carpet far outweighs the cost of cleaning. The techniques for cleaning handmade carpets and tapestries are specialised. The cleaning is tailored to suit the precise condition and needs of each individual rug and ranges from routine cleaning of functional rugs, through to museum quality rugs and carpets.

We clean a wide variety of rugs and tapestries from the surface cleaning of delicate antiques to stain removal on heavily soiled carpets. Our cleaning products and methods will not cause long term harmful effects, colour run or shrinkage. We regularly receive enquiries regarding damage caused by contract cleaners, often with irreversible results.

The processes that we have developed for cleaning carpets and tapestries include:

Fibre and dye testing
This is essential to enable us to analyse the fibres to ensure that we carry out the most appropriate cleaning method. If for example the fibres have deteriorated so far as to make the rug too fragile for agitation during cleaning.

pH testing
The pH levels within the fibres of a rug if abnormal (due to staining for example) can effect its longevity. Different fibres have different pH levels, therefore it is important that this is not altered during the cleaning process. pH testing the fibres of a rug can determine the method and solution used for cleaning.

Grit and dust extraction
Accumulated grit and dust are major causes of reduced carpet life.

Treatment of soiling
Such as animal urine, red wine and coffee. Soiling attracts destructive insects such as moth and carpet beetle.

Wine damage before cleaning   Rug cleaned after wine damage

Recovery cleaning of rugs damaged by smoke, flood from wet or dry, and fungus
Specialist facilities to aid safe drying following cleaning and flood damage. It is important that carpets are dried at a controlled speed and temperature to prevent long term damage.